Thursday 24 May 2012

Gadis Cina Bakal Dedahkan Skandal Beliau Dengan Guan Eng!

Pisau pernah dedahkan mengenai skandal khalifah kesayangan PAS yang mengentot gadis cina hingga mencetuskan pergaduhan si isterinya seorang Adun.Khabarnya Guan Eng dibelasah Betty hinggakan dahi beliau terluka.

Makin hari makin terdedah,rahsia umum yang diketahui ramai pihak di bangunan KOMTAR sudah tidak boleh disorok lagi.Malah gadis terbabit bakal mendedahkan skandal ini ke pengetahuan umum tidak lama lagi.

Yang pasti Guan Eng akan menuduh Umno terlibat hingga memerangkap beliau berselingkoh dengan gadis malang ini.

So much has been written about the sweet-looking lady whom Lim Guan Eng discarded like a used tissue paper after his love affair with her that went wrong. Some of the things said are true, some not so true.

Stop The Lies has been receiving more updates and tip-off since the story came out. The tips, much to our surprise, also came from the DAP. We have also been told of inaccuracy in our reports.

For one, her name is not Chai Hong but Ng Phaik Kheng, pronounced as Huang Bi Hong in Mandarin. But yes, she is as attractive in real life as she is in her photo.

But we were not entirely wrong. Yes, she was also known by her nickname “Chai Hong” which means “Rainbow”.

Well, Stop The Lies is right as she brought colour into Guan Eng’s life although she did not find the pot of gold she was looking for. The lady was a graduate teacher in a Chinese school in Green Lane, Penang when she started getting active in Gerakan. This was sometime in the 1990s.

Her assets were her beauty, her voice and her linguistic ability, speaking good Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia and was quickly the emcee of choice at Gerakan events.

By 2000, she was so popular in the party that she was the emcee at the National Delegates Convention that was held in Penang. It all went to her head.

She demanded to be made a councillor and after 2004, she lobbied for the political secretary post to Koh Tsu Koon. But Koh is a nerd and softie, with no eye for sweet young things. He’s a lembek, after all.

To cut a long story short, she did not get the posts. She has been described as a social climber who knew how to get her way with big shots but that got her nowhere until the tsunami election.

She jumped ship after 2008 and applied for a job with the DAP government. Not only did she get the job but was made one of the 20 special officers in Guan Eng’s office.

Yes, you read it right, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has 20 special officers! By then she had completed her Masters degree at USM and immediately made an impression on Guan Eng.

She was in the big team that went to Sarawak for the state election. There she impressed him even more with emcee skills and fawning behaviour.

The word is that she melted his heart. Who can blame him? She was tall, had lovely skin, a great smile and a shapely figure as you can see in the photo that she took with Guan Eng on the day she joined his office. She also had an outgoing personality and was eager to please.

The rest is as you have read in Stop The Lies. Mrs CM got to know of the vibes between the two and put a stop to it. That was how he landed up with a plaster over his forehead and Rainbow girl ended up with a broken heart. She lost her job and has gone back to teaching, mending her broken heart.

Guan Eng may think the Chinese in Penang is solidly behind him but for sure, she won’t get Chai Hong’s vote. She may even exposed him!- StoptheLies

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